current anf presidency and staff members
Mr. Se-jong Kim (KTL)
Mr. Tae-seung SONG (KTL)

C1: Mr. Katsunori Tachihara (JQA)

C2: Mr. Vu Thanh Cong (QUATEST 3)

C3: Mr. Tae-seung SONG (KTL)

C4: Mr. Mo XiaoFeng (CQC)

C5: Mr. Yu Yao LIN (Andrew) (ETC)

Ms. Taehee Kim (KTL)
The harmonization of technical requirements of electrical/electronic products and its conformity assessment movement is getting more active worldwide in a borderless and global economy.

Responding to these developments, an Asia Network Forum (ANF) was established by CQC (China), ETC (Taiwan), JQA (Japan), KTL (Korea) and TUV-SUD PSB (Singapore) in 2000 and joined by QUATEST 3 (Vietnam) in 2009.

These organizations exchanged their opinions frankly during the first meeting and have reached the following conclusions.
In recent years, Asian economic power is getting stronger in the world. Asian economies have been playing the key role as a manufacturing base for supplying electrical/electronics products to world markets. Comparing to the Asian economic presence, the voice of Asian certification/testing organizations is still small at international meetings/conferences such as IEC/ISO/IECEE. Under this situation, the coalition of Asian certification/testing organizations representing each Asian economy is strongly desired by various sectors of each economy. This will facilitate trade in the Asian region and will eliminate repetitive testing and certifications.

Therefore, these organizations agreed to establish the Asia Network Forum (ANF) to promote the coalition of Asian certification/testing organizations which represents each Asian economy. The agreement among these organizations is as follows

By achieving the objectives of the ANF, we aim to provide industry in the Asian economies with the following benefits:

One-stop testing and certification for Asian markets.

Faster time to markets through better efficiency and cost.

Quicker access to testing and certification information.

Facilitate future cooperation with other regional testing and certification organizations
The ANF will introduce its programs in three phases

Phase I - Mutual Recognition of Application Service:
The manufacturer who wishes to obtain certifications from Asian Network member bodies will be able to make a "one-stop" application at one of the member bodies. The body who receives such applications will immediately notify other member bodies concerned about such applications. The other bodies who are notified will give priority in processing these applications after a formal application is made.

Phase II - Mutual Recognition of Test Report:
Under phase II, member bodies of the ANF will recognize test reports issued by other member bodies with/without samples. The scope of recognition of test reports is wider than that of the CB scheme.

Phase III - Common Logo:
Under phase III, a common logo will be designed to give recognition to the alliance of Asian Testing and Certification Organizations, which will be providing better and more efficient product testing and certification services to the industry. Manufacturers and/or clients may use this logo on their products. The implementation of the above three phases may take place simultaneously.