The harmonization of technical requirements of electrical / electronic products and its conformity assessment movement are getting move active worldwide in the borderless and global economy of today.

Responding to these developments, an Asia Network Forum (ANF) is established by CQC (China), ETC (Taiwan), JQA (Japan), KTL (Korea), TUV-SUD PSB (Singapore) and QUATEST 3 (Vietnam).

The participating organizations agreed and signed the Joint Communique of the Asia Network Forum, after the first meeting of ANF which took place in Tokyo, Japan on October 25 and 26, 2000.

Based on the Joint Communique, the Rules of the Asia Network Forum are herein set for its successful operation.

The name of this Association is the Asia Network Forum, hereinafter referred to as "ANF".
general ASSEMBLY

The general assembly is a meeting of all full members of ANF. It shall be held at least once a year. Member organization will host the general assembly on a rotational basis.

All important issues shall be decided in the general assembly.


The objectives of ANF are:

To promote mutual understanding and friendship among Asian product certification and testing organizations.

To promote mutual business development by introducing a common platform for each ANF member to serve industries in Asia.

To enhance technical competence and capabilities of each organization through mutual cooperation. To reflect the position and views of ANF members in international organizations such as IEC/ISO etc.


All full members are free to terminate their membership on the formal submission of resignation to the President with six months notice.

The partial, full suspension and termination of membership for any other reasons shall be decided by the general assembly.


For the operation and promotion, necessary costs shall be shared according to the decision of the general assembly.

The annual budget will be prepared by the Treasurer and submitted for approval by the general assembly.

The annual membership fee and entrance fee shall be agreed and decided by the general assembly.


The organization of the ANF shall consist of the GA, Committees and Working Groups. The establishment of a new Committee(s) shall be decided by the general assembly while each Committee can open a Working Group(s) and report its(their) activities to the general assembly.


The secretary general and secretariat shall report to the President of ANF.


The official language of ANF is the English language. All documents delivered by the Members to or prepared by ANF shall be written in English. The general assembly shall accept translations of ANF documents to other languages.

These translations shall be the responsibility and work of respective ANF members. In case of conflict, the English version shall prevail.


All proprietary information obtained within the framework of the ANF shall be kept confidential unless otherwise authorized.


Principle of Operation

Any ANF member has the right to provide ANF services to customers from any location. Customer will have the right to choose to be served by any ANF member.

All disputes and disagreement among ANF members will be discussed and resolved in WG1

Quality of Service

All ANF members shall be responsible for the provision of good customer service.

Customer Complaints

Customer complaints shall be taken care of by the secretariat and reported to the President in a timely manner.